Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Coming Up! May 2nd & 3rd, 2015 - CDF Conference & Expo

The Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) National Conference & Expo is less than a couple of weeks away and I'm looking forward to heading to the west coast to be part of this fabulous event!

Last year, I experienced my 1st CDF Conference & Expo and I obtained so much from this event, that I must return and be part of their 25th anniversary celebration.

This year, Dr. Joseph Murray, Dr. Sheila Crowe and Shelly Case RD will be among the line-up of speakers discussing "Going Gluten-Free", "A Balancing Act: Women's Health & Celiac Disease", "Expert Nutrition for Your Gluten-Free Family" and more!

THE CONFERENCE & EXPO TICKET INCLUDE:                         

  • May 2nd and 3rd All Day EXPO Hall Access with Private Viewing on May 2nd from 10 to 11am
  • All Education Sessions
  • Opportunity for One-on-One Dietetic or Mental Health Consultation (First Come, First Served)*
  • Gluten-Free Breakfast Buffet Sponsored by Jones Dairy Farm and Pamela’s Products
  • Swag Bag Filled to the Brim with Gluten-Free Goodies
(you can purchase an EXPO ONLY ticket here as well) 

On Saturday evening, the Celiac Disease Foundation will be having a 25th Anniversary Gala! CDF has been the leading voluntary health organization for the advancement of celiac disease advocacy, education and research. 

The Gala enhances awareness of Celiac Disease Foundation’s mission and secures funding essential to supporting the breadth of programming for the public, patients, healthcare professionals and the food industries, that distinguishes CDF as the nation’s voice for celiac disease.

This dressy evening of comedy and magic includes a cocktail reception, live auction, an elegant dinner, entertainment, and the presentation of the Volunteer of the Year Award.


This event is unlike any other gluten-free conference or expo as it's focus is to raise awareness of celiac disease, educate and provide support to advance research of a disease that currently has no cure.

Thank you Celiac Disease Foundation for all that you do! I look forward to showing my support and being a part of a great weekend.

I'll see you May 2nd & May 3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GFFAFest - Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest Austin Highlights

I had a wonderful experience at the Gluten-free Food Allergy Fest in Austin, TX less than a couple of weeks ago and below you can read all about my highlights from the Fest.

I hope after reading this, you will be excited to attend a GFFAFest near you! They are valuable in so many ways! If you are a parent of child or children with celiac disease and/or food allergies, I would encourage you to bring them so they can try samples and have their own bag of gluten-free goodies to take home as well.

 HIGHLIGHTS from the GFFAFest:

  • TONS of gluten-free products to bring home and share!

  • Beanfields Pico De Gallo Chips were my FAV!!
  • Ebenezor Foods Cinnamon Roll, I could not get enough of.
  • Skinny Pop - Another delicious gluten-free snack.
  • Marilyn's Gluten-Free Gourmet - her Bubble Bread Mix is wonderful! 
  • Nogii - yummy snacks for Jack!
  • Glutino - introduced their NEW Caramel covered pretzels!! SOOO GOOD!
  • Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats - I LOVE this book from Debbie Adler, baker to the stars - Los Angeles bakery serving up delicious allergy free & vegan recipes
  • Enjoy Life Foods - not pictured, but they ALWAYS have a wonderful display of goodies to share 
  • Power Pasta - delicious black bean and red lentil pasta!
  • Sweet & Simple Gluten-Free Baking - Chrystal Carver shares her delicious recipes with u
  • I can't say enough great things about Red Apple Lipstick, I love their products!! I love their "Cabernet Kiss" and "Brazen Raisin" lip glosses as well as their "Oh La La" Lipstick! I could hang out at their booth all day! Thanks Jay, Andrea and Keith! :)

  • My Life with Food Allergies Team is a part of the GFFAFest and we share our websites with attendees in hopes that we can offer help and guidance living with celiac disease and food allergies.
Erica - Celiac and the Beast, Cindy - Vegetarian Mamma, Me,
Pam - I'm a Celiac and Chrystal Carver - Gluten-Free Palate

  • Here's Jules Shepard from GFJules, showing attendees how to make gluten-free tortillas. There are numerous lectures and demonstrations throughout the day - so make sure to check them out! Check out Tampa/Lakeland's line-up of presenters coming up this weekend.

I could go on and on how fabulous this 2 day GFFAFest was, but I think you get an idea of what you take away from attending one of these events.

For more information on upcoming GFFAFests, check out the 6 remaining locations for this year! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gluten-Free Fake-Out Take-Out GIVEAWAY

With the help of San-J, I can make all kinds of gluten-free asian dishes using their large variety of gluten-free sauces and dressings.

I've tried their Asian BBQ and Teriyaki Sauces as well as their Ginger Dressing - they are DELICIOUS!! I seriously can't get enough of their Ginger dressing! I'm looking forward to trying their Mongolian sauce next, as well as theirThai Peanut sauce.

One of my favorite dishes is Chicken Stir Fry.  It's easy, tasty and GLUTEN-FREE! I've been making this dish since I was in high school, it's one of my specialities.  I make different variations of my stir fry, whether it's trying new veggies, adding cashews, bean sprouts or just trying a new asian sauce.

Seriously, who needs Chinese take-out when you can make your own GLUTEN-FREE, FAKE-OUT TAKE-OUT!!

TO encourage you all in trying your own version of Chinese Fake-Out Take-Outs, I'm having an awesome GIVEAWAY!  Look at all these bottles of San-J sauces!!  

5 WINNERS will have a chance to try some a couple of these sauces,       as well as soup mixes and rice crackers!

All you have to do is ENTER BELOW for your chance to WIN these amazing gluten-free sauces and marinades.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I'll announce the 5 winners in one week! Check back here and visit Raising Jack with Celiac on Facebook for the list of winners.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Gluten-Free Stuffed Green Peppers

It was time for something new on the menu, something I hadn't made in a very long time.  It's challenging creating new gluten-free dishes that both your gluten-free son and husband both like. This one favors my husband's taste buds. He told me he really enjoyed the stuffed green peppers his mom used to make, so I thought, I'll give it a go.

My kids aren't big fans of this dish because all they see is green peppers and tomatoes. But, maybe your kiddos would like the rice/beef mixture or maybe you're even lucky enough to have a child that likes green peppers!

With this dish, the only ingredient that may have gluten, would be the spanish rice, so make sure to buy a gluten-free package/box of rice.



1 pd of Ground Beef (or meat of your choice)
1 14.5 oz can of Diced Tomatoes
1 15 oz can of Tomato Sauce
1 Box of Zatarain's Spanish Rice
6 Green Peppers
1 C. Shredded cheese of your choice (I used a Mexican Blend)
(You will use some of this cheese to top off peppers after baking)

Step 1:  Brown 1 1b  of ground beef and follow directions on box of Zatarain's Spanish Rice

Step 2:  While waiting for beef to brown and rice to cook, prep green peppers, slice top of peppers and clean out. You need to cover the dish with foil so make sure green peppers are cut short enough to cover.

Step 3:  Drain groud beef and allow rice to cool for 5 minutes

Step 4:  Combine meat and rice

Step 5: Fill green peppers half way and top with cheese.

Step 6: Fill the remaining green peppers with rice mixture

Step 7: Top with tomato sauce - I used left over spaghetti meat sauce and poured more tomato sauce on them, which is not pictures...pour sauce between peppers as well.
Step 8: Bake @350 for 45 minutes, you want the green peppers to be soft and easy to cut through.  Remove from oven and top with shredded cheese.
Step 9: ENJOY! These were SO GOOD! It was nice to have something new on the menu. Also, if your kids don't like the green pepper, just stuff 4 green peppers and they can eat the left over beef/rice mixture - it's very flavorful!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Gluten-Free Valentine Cookies Giveaway

The month of LOVE has arrived!! 

I have some great giveaways this month, starting with this one! Who doesn't LOVE cookies?!

A couple of years ago, I used Pamela's Sugar Cookie Mix to make Valentine cookies and they turned out fabulous!

Sooo, I wanted share the love with all of you!

3 Winners will receive:
1 Pkg. of Pamela's Sugar Cookie Mix
1 Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
1 Frosting Spatula

This giveaway will run until this Thursday, February 5th. In hopes to get the goodies to the         3 winners before Valentine's Day.

It's simple to enter, just click on the options below!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gluten-Free Pizza Roll-Ups

While my daughter and I were out to lunch today, my husband whipped up some gluten-free pizza roll-ups for him and the boys and even took pictures! They tasted great and Jack loved them too. I think you all will enjoy them as well.

4 ingredients: GF tortillas, Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni and Mozzarella Cheese.

Step 1: Preheat Oven to 400. Cut tortillas into three strips.

Step 2: Spread toppings.

Step 3: Roll-up 'em up and insert toothpick to hold them together.

Step 4: Bake @400 for about 10 minutes.

They were DELICIOUS! Crispy, but chewy - they were just right. I think Udi's tortillas were a great choice for these. We will definitely make them again. 

My husband used to eat pizza rolls back in high school and I think these reminded him of those.  He wants to make them again, but with sausage.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gluten-Free Holiday Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

DAY 8 of Pamela's "12 Days of GF Cookies" - I'm honored to have been asked to share one of our favorite gluten-free cookie recipes with Pamela's fans!

My cookie recipe is...drum roll please...

Holiday Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

This recipe was introduced to me by my lovely sister-in-law, Jaime. She made these gluten-free for Jack soon after he was diagnosed with celiac disease. He asks for them all the time, especially when we go to Aunt Jaime's house...I GUESS she makes them better than me! ;)

Let me walk you through the steps of making this yummy recipe - it's super easy and super delicious!


1/2 C. Sugar
1/2 C. Brown Sugar
1/2 C. Peanut Butter
1/2 C. Shortening (Jaime uses the Crisco Butter Flavored Baking Sticks)
2 Tbsp. Milk
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 Egg
1 3/4 C. Pamela's Gluten-Free All Purpose Artisan Flour
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1 Pkg. of Hershey Kisses
Have some extra sugar on the side to roll the balls of cookies in before placing on cookie sheet.

Step 1:

Mix all ingredients together, except for Pamela's Artisan Flour.

Step 2:

Add Pamela's All Purpose Artisan Flour - add half of the flour, mix.
And add the remaining flour.

Step 3:

Cookie dough is ready to roll into balls!

Step 4:

Roll cookie dough into balls, then roll balls in sugar. You can make the balls as big
or as small as you like. Jaime makes 40 cookies out of this recipe, I probably make 30.
Place on cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 8 minutes

Step 5: 

While the cookies are baking, unwrap Hershey Kisses...
and eat at least one or two while waiting for cookies :)

Step 6:

As soon as cookies come out of the oven, place a hershey kiss
in the middle of each cookie.

Step 7: 

For the holiday version, wait for cookies to cool 
and decorate with sprinkles and frosting. 

There you have it! My holiday cookie recipe! I hope you enjoy these as much as we do. 


Happy Baking and Happy Holidays!