Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grammie and Pa are babysitting!

It's always nice having Grammie and Pa come visit - this will be their first visit to our new home in Tennessee, so we are all very excited!  We will have a short visit because my husband and I are heading to San Francisco for a wedding, so Grammie and Pa are in charge!  With that said, there's a few notes I need to leave them for Jack.

First, the KITCHEN - what they need to know:

1)  Which toaster is gluten-free
2)  Which shelf in the pantry is gluten-free
3)  Make sure to use aluminum foil for Jack's pizza
4)  Different tub of butter
5)  Don't use the same utensils from gluten to non-gluten
6)  If you're not sure, don't use it

Secondly, EATING OUT - what they need to know:

1)  It's best to research the restaurant ahead of time
2)  Be prepared, pack a little lunch bag with some of Jack's gluten-free favorites
3)  Since Jack is a french fry lover, we always ask about the fryers - whether they are shared                  or exclusively for french fries
4)  If the server doesn't know the answer - ask to speak to a manager

Lastly, THANK YOU!

I want to thank Grammie and Pa for always going above and beyond, not only for my husband and I, but also for their grandchildren.  And when it comes to Jack's gluten-free lifestyle, Grammie is ready to try new gluten-free recipes - this week, I believe it's oatmeal cookies - gluten free oats of course!

I'll be posting more when I return from San Francisco next week!

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