Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you Aunt Jaime and Aunt Sara :)

This past weekend, we went back to Indianapolis to visit family and friends.  It was a great visit!  It's always fun getting the kiddos together with their cousins.
We stayed with my SIL - Jaime - who is so generous in so many ways.  I appreciated her thinking of Jack and his dietary needs.  She even bought Gluten-Free Pantry - All Purpose Flour to make chocolate chip cookies!  She found a recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies at (under Free Recipes you'll see Gluten-Free Cookies). I mentioned to Jaime how Jack needs to incorporate more vegetables into his diet, so she went to this website!
Now, the recipe called for White Bean Puree - hence the name Sneaky Chef, but it was kind of a process, so Jaime substituted with applesauce.  The cookies turned out great - probably the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie I've ever had.  Thank you Jaime for taking the time to do some research.  I will definitely visit this website in the future to incorporate more nutritious foods in Jack's diet.

After visiting with my SIL Jaime, we went up to my brother's house to visit.  It was such a sweet surprise when my step-sister Sara came over with gluten-free brownies!  She used Pamela's Products Brownie Mix and added her own Ghirardelli chocolate chips!  That was so thoughtful! While Jack's cousins had blueberry muffins, Jack enjoyed his chocolate surprise!  

Jack (middle) with his sister Georgia (top left) and cousins

There's no doubt, family is important!  Having their support means the world to me and I'm sure, one day, Jack will be able to tell them how much he truly appreciates it.  Not only am I grateful for Jaime and Sara's gluten-free savviness, but I'm grateful for the rest of our family's support as well! 

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