Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When no GF cupcakes are around - you have to IMPROVISE!

Whether it's a birthday party or a special treat at school, I have to improvise and make something inviting and fun for Jack.  The creation below was for a birthday party.  Jack enjoyed it and it seemed to distract him from the other kiddos having cupcakes.  Kids love licking frosting off their cupcakes, so I wanted to make sure Jack could do the same thing with his cookies.

Cookies and Cream cookies with Frosting and Mini Chocolate Chips

Kinnikinnick - KinniToos Cookies
Betty Crocker Icing in a Can
Nestle Mini Chocolate Chips

With a gluten free diet, you definitely have to get creative!  My mother always said, "Kelly, you're creative in your on way." She would say this because growing up, my brother would be drawing masterpieces while I was busy "being creative".  That's what I get for my brother being the first born, took all my mother's art talent! ;)  So now, I've got to put my creativity to use for my son.  This is only the beginning - Elementary school is going to be challenging to say the least, but we'll get creative and make eating gluten-free FUN!

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