Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Made a Stupid Choice!

So, we went to Brixx pizza place for lunch today and I was excited for Jack to try their gluten-free pizza.  I really wanted their margherita pizza, so I got that in a kid's size and had the kids share the gluten-free pizza since it only came in one size - a large with six pieces.  So I placed the order for the gluten-free pizza, half cheese (for Jack) and half pepperoni and sausage (for Georgia).

Well, the pizzas are brought to us and the lady who brought it to us wasn't our server that took the order, but the general manager.  She said, "Here's your pizzas.  I just wanted to mention that the sausage and pepperoni do contain gluten and that the grease has gone over on the cheese side." Uhhhh??? First, I didn't even think about pepperoni and sausage having gluten in it - I KNEW BETTER - but I didn't think about it when ordering!!

WHAT I SHOULD OF DONE - is said, "Oh thank you for telling me, I didn't even think about that!  My son should not eat it due to cross contamination - how long would it take to make a plain cheese one?"  And I would also ask for a discount because the server should have mentioned that at the time - the manager even said that.

INSTEAD of doing that, I allowed Jack to eat the middle cheese piece.  By this time I'm just so upset because here it is lunch time, I don't really want to wait for another pizza, I'm frustrated because the manager didn't say, "Let me put another one in for you real quick."  It was just so frustrating!  I ordered a gluten-free pizza that's contaminated??? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

I'm putting this out there because I'm not perfect.  My brain wasn't functioning correctly I guess.  Bottom line, I'm VERY HARD on myself when something like this happens.  I wish I could have a do-over, BUT I've learned from this, I NOW KNOW BETTER.  We will ALWAYS order a CHEESE pizza.

BTW, I really don't like using the word "Stupid" unless appropriate.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Yes, you are just like me! I beat myself up all the time when I do the same type of thing. What I fail to remember is that I'm learning as I go, too, just like my kids! Here's to allowing for some grace in our lives:) ...and a little slack!