Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Strawberry Shortcake

Yes my friends, it's a beauty!  Tis' the summer season!  Bring on the Strawberry Shortcake!  This dessert is so refreshing, especially when it's 95 degrees outside!

Strawberry Shortcake a la Mode!

I used Pamela's Products Pancake Mix for the Drop Biscuits, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cool Whip and of course the main ingredient, strawberries.

For the strawberry mixture: 

Slice 1 LB of Strawberries. Add 2 Tbsp. of Sugar. Mash or use food processor. I used our smoothie maker - it's however you like your strawberry texture. You can also use a fork or your pastry cutter to mash the strawberries. My husband likes chunks of strawberries, so I always make sure to not mash too much. Refrigerator when done. 

There's many ways to make Strawberry Shortcake.  My mom prefers to use pieces of pie crust, others like more of a pound cake or sponge cake, but for us, the drop biscuits are the best! 

It was a wonderful treat on this HOT Memorial weekend.  I look forward to making Strawberry Shortcake more often.  1) It's delicious  2) It's pretty and 3) It's the perfect summer treat!

So here's to Strawberry Season, a 3 day Weekend, and lastly and most importantly, to the Men and Women who fought for our Country - God Bless America.

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  1. Kelly, this looks so good! I haven't tried that pamela's recipe before---I need to check it out. thanks for the recommendation!

    love to you and your little guy!