Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*PART II* - 2nd Day of EXPO

Okay, so my 1st day at the EXPO was AWESOME, but the 2nd day was even more AWESOME!

I didn't have a cooking class to attend so the schedule was open!  So off to the Vendor Fair I went!  The place was packed! I made my rounds, visited tables that interested me the most, which ones were those you ask?  The ones with food samples! Let's be honest, eating gluten-free is expensive, so to be able to try samples before buying them is a HUGE help!


There were a lot of vendors and food samples, so I am going to share my TOP 5 starting with:                                             

Food Samples & More!  Getting this all in my suitcase and on the plane was a challenge, but I did it and my new pizza cutter got through airport security - phew!  I say that because they zoomed in on it and I said excitedly, "Oh, that's my new pizza cutter!"

Okay, okay so I do have another favorite and it happens to be alcohol or I like to refer to it as Cider - Woodchuck Hard Cider.  I found myself going back to their table often, "Oh, you have a Blueberry flavor?" I may have taken advantage of their free samples, but they were really good!  It was refreshing and crisp.  I liked the Amber and Blueberry Ciders - they even have Seasonal Ciders - a different cider for every season - sounds good to me!  

Now, I have to talk about Pamela's Products a little more because I am a huge fan of her products and now of her! Pamela is the sweetest woman!  She's down to earth and she listens to you intently and she truly cares about her products and what her customers think.  I tried not to stalk her table too much, I was able to try a variety of her products and I gotta tell ya, the raspberry cheesecake and coffeecake are DELISH!! I'll have a future post about Pamela's Products because I could go on and on.

Pamela - she's the coolest and me (the Stalker - on the left)

Besides Pamela's Products, and the other wonderful food vendors, there were cookbook authors, food demonstrations and wonderful publications like Living Without Magazine. Also, the University of Chicago - Celiac Center was there - they provide a Gluten-Free Care Package Program - if you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease and call them they will send you a HUGE basket FILLED with gluten-free products - I'm talking HUGE! I wish I knew about this when Jack was diagnosed it would have made things a little stressful knowing there were so many GF products readily available.

Again, I could go on and on and get what I'm saying - I have nothing negative to say about my experience at my first GF & Allergen EXPO.  I would recommend this EXPO to anyone that lives gluten, dairy, nut, soy, or egg free!  I'll see you next year Chicago!

For more information on the EXPO visit: 

This EXPO will soon be held in different locations - the next one is in Dallas in October!

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