Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing Jack (and His Teachers) for Pre-School

The school year has begun and Jack is off to play, learn and meet new friends!  I call it pre-school, but it's really wee school.  He's going to a Mom's Day out program two days a week.  Next year, he will be an official pre-schooler! With that said, we have to prepare for school!  

To make life a little easier for the parent, student and teacher, here's some guidelines that can get everyone on the same page and on their way to a great school year! 

  • Provide information about Celiac Disease (Pamphlet, website, etc.) to the Teacher and Pre-School Director
  • Provide Gluten-Free snacks so they are always readily available
  • Provide labels on your child's gluten-free snacks
Sticker to label Jack's Snacks
  • Provide a list of products that contain gluten, but may not be as obvious - for example, Playdoh
  • Participate in school parties (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) 
  • Allergen Bracelets - Allerbling - this company provides stylish bracelets for your child to wear.  (At school, I wouldn't mind my son wearing a bracelet that said "wheat allergy" - because I'm not there every minute to explain what celiac disease is - I'm very aware that celiac disease is not an allergy - just wanted to clarify :).  Another website, Star Allergy Alerts, provides stickers, tattoos, shirts and more - check it out!
  • And lastly, ask the teacher to please call with any questions!

As long as communication is open between the parent, child and teacher, there should be no worries about making sure your child sticks to his/her GF diet.

So here's to a great year in Wee School!  Good luck Jack, have fun at school, listen to your teacher and make sure to tell mommy all about it!

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