Monday, September 12, 2011

7 Tips for Raising a Gluten-Free Kiddo

I really found this article to be quite helpful and a reminder for me - especially, the first one!  I think as Jack grows up, he will face different challenges with his diet, so always staying positive is a must for him (and me)!

Here's the Tips:
(Full Article at Glutenfreeville - make sure to check it out!)                                                                                 
  • Focus on what they CAN eat, not what they CAN'T eat
"Teach them to look for options, not limitations."

  • Try new foods often
"Congratulate kids for trying something new, 
even if they hate it."

  • Allow kids to be a part of the menu planning and cooking process
"It will feel more of an adventure to them if they have 
a part in the process."

    • Arrange your kitchen so kids know what they CAN eat    
    "Give them a shelf that's just their stuff."

    • Buy well known brands so when friends come over (if they can eat them) so they don't feel "different."
      "Kids just want to fit in without calling attention to their 
      areas of differences."

        • Handle the issue of treats in the classroom in advance.   
        "Ask the teacher to notify you on days when food will be 
        present in the classroom."

          • Repeat #1:  Focus on what they CAN eat, not what they CAN'T eat
          "Teach kids to see options, not limitations."

          Instead of saying, "He can't have that." - say, "No thanks." Instead of saying, "He has a gluten-free diet." (which I've said a lot), I should say, "No thanks, we brought some treats."  Not making the gluten-free diet the center of attention is definitely the goal.  It's hard, because at the same time, I like to educate people about celiac disease, so I will say something like, "he has a gluten-free diet," which then might lead into an education session about celiac disease.  But there's a time and place - so I need to be more discrete and not make the GF diet the subject at every meal.  

          So Jack, mamma's working on it! You're only 4 yrs. old, so I'll take the lead on this kiddo and I'll try to make the GF diet the new norm! 

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          1. Just popping by from the Circle of Moms contest. I really like this post about focusing on what they can eat. It is so important. That and being prepared! Thanks for sharing. --S