Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Using Your Spidey Senses

Also know as: a mother's instinct, a gut feeling, a feeling in your bones...a feeling that something isn't right, foreseeing an obstacle...

My spidey senses kicked in one day when Jack and I walked down the street to the ice cream truck.  A special treat for the little guy while sissy was at school.  Of course I'm thinking, most popsicles are gluten-free, so we'll be good.

Jack's Spidey Treat
So we headed over to the ice cream truck and saw all the fabulous options before us and Jack was saying, "I want this, I want that!"  So we decided on a Fudge popsicle...simple, but delicious!  As we were walking back home, I started to read the nutrition/food label on the packaging and it listed "Malt Powder" as one of the ingredients.  So I thought to myself, "Uh-oh, Malt comes from Barley, Barley contains gluten."   
Think fast!! Okay, ice cream man, I need you to come through for me - let's make a trade!

I explained to Jack, "I think this fudge popsicle might have gluten in it, so let's go see if we can make a trade with the ice cream man."  Jack was up for it, as long as he was getting something to replace the fudge popsicle and it was full of sugar - he was game!                                                            
We got to the ice cream truck and the kind ice cream man was finishing up with someone else.  I approached the truck and asked, "Would you mind if we swapped this out for something different - I just realized looking at the ingredients, that my son can not have this."  The ice cream man said, "I can do that - what else would like?"  Well, Jack immediately saw the Spiderman treat pictured above, so for .50 more cents, it was his!  So we swapped treats and we headed home to enjoy the best Spiderman treat ever!               
Now, this may seem a little silly, but when Jack gets older, he's going to have to use his spidey senses when eating at school, eating out with his friends, going to parties, going over to his friends' houses, etc. 
                                                                                      So here's to your spidey senses Jack - always go with your gut kiddo - your gut knows best!  

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