Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List & Trick or Treating Tips

It's that time of year again! TRICK OR TREAT! The kids are excitedly, indecisively, going back and forth on what they want to be for Halloween. From an army guy, to a ninja to Hulk, the options are endless! I mark on the calendar a day and I say, "This is the date you have to decide by. Once we buy your costume, there's no turning back, understand?" And they just look at me like, "Huh?" ;)

So, as my children decide on the their Halloween costumes, I take some time and share with you an updated gluten-free candy list, tips to dealing with "gluten" candy and some of Jack's FAVORITE candy that he looks forward to eating the days following Halloween.

Let's get started with 3 tips to get you all ready for Halloween!


  1. Refer to an (Updated 2019) List of Gluten-Free Candy  a couple weeks before Halloween so you have a good idea of which candies are "SAFE" for your gluten-free child.  
    2013 and 2014
  2. Before Trick or Treating, tell your children candy will be eaten after they return home and candy is sorted through. "Gluten" candy will go in one pile to trade with siblings. And for any generic candy, with no name, I usually throw it away - Play it safe ALWAYS. If you don't know what it is, DON'T EAT IT.  

  • Lastly, have a gluten-free stash of candy at home so your child can replace any "gluten" candy from his trick or treat some of his/her gluten-free favorites. Even though he or she will probably be able to trade "gluten" candy with his/her friends, neighbors and/or siblings for gluten-free candy. ;)

  • 2016


    Jack's TOP 5 Favorite Gluten-Free Candy:

    1) Reese's Pieces (Just like E.T.)
    2) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    3) Hershey's Kisses
    4) Snickers
    5) Enjoy Life Foods Semi Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips

    There you have it friends - a gluten-free Halloween that will be FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY!! Enjoy and eat lots of gluten-free candy!


    1. Since childhood, my favorite Halloween treat to make is popcorn balls.

    2. Thanks for the tips, when i was younger my favorite part of halloween treat was to make jelly for myself, i am shoked i like jelly up to date but as a dessert though.

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