Monday, June 27, 2011

GF Multi-Vitamin for Jack

It's been a busy month!  Swimming, visiting family in Indiana, and just enjoying the summer!  So here I am back at it!

So, a gluten-free multi-vitamin, who knew it would be so hard to find!  I originally went with Flintstones Complete. Unfortunately, Flintstones cannot guarantee their product 100% gluten-free "due to the fact that raw materials they receive from outside vendors are not certified as 100% gluten-free."  So needless to say, I'll be taking my Flintstone vitamin everyday (my favorite color is purple).

Thanks to Nature's Plus, I found a vitamin just right for my little guy:

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multi-vitamin Chewable!

There's no doubt that this vitamin is essential for Jack's growth.  I know he's not getting all the vitimans and nutrients that he needs due to his picky eating habits, but I'm happy to report, he tried carrots last night as well as ham!  Yes, I use a bribing technique, but it works - what kid doesn't love special treats!  His new favorite treat, Fruity Pebbles Treat or Cocoa Pebbles Treat.        
Whatever it takes to get my little guy his vitamins and nutrients, right?  
Happy, Healthy Boy = Happy, Not so worried Mamma. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank You Old Spaghetti Factory (OSF)

This past weekend we had family visiting, so of course we had to take them downtown Nashville and show them all the tourist hot spots.  But before doing so, I heard that the Old Spagetti Factory (OSF) downtown was kid friendly and also had a gluten-free menu.  With 5 kids under 5 years old, we definitely needed the "kid friendly" part and the impressive OSF Gluten-Free Menu looked great for Jack - so we were off!

Now, the only downside to our experience was that I called OSF for "Call Ahead" seating and unfortunately, we still had to wait an hour - yes, with 5 kids under 5 yrs. old!  BUT, the kids did wonderful, as you can see below.

Jack and Georgia with their cousins at OSF
When we finally got seated, we got a great table back by the window so the kiddos could look for horse carriages going by and wave to random strangers...don't worry, we were right there.  So it gave us some time to look over the menu.  Unfortunately, Jack doesn't like red sauce, so we didn't get spaghetti, so I ordered Jack the GF pasta and macaroni and cheese style sauce instead.  And the verdict: It was great! The sauce was creamy and Jack ate it!  They use DeBoles pasta - they place a toothpick with a flag in it that says, "DeBoles Gluten-Free."

Jack with his OSF Mac n Cheese and the DeBoles flag on his head.

And at the end of dinner, everyone got ice cream!  So you can't beat that!  Overall, we enjoyed our experience and look forward to going back and hopefully sitting in the Caboose that they have in the middle of the restaurant - the kids would LOVE it - well, so would I. 


Thanks Old Spaghetti Factory! 

Oh, just one more thing, is there anyway you could work on a gluten-free bread?? ;)