Monday, July 2, 2012

Gluten-Free Strawberry and Blueberry Shortcake

One of Jack's favorite fruits is strawberries!! And one of my favorite summer time treats is Strawberry Shortcake! So with that said, we are whippin' up a summer time treat that everyone will enjoy and at the same time making it patriotic for July 4th by adding some blueberries!

Yummy Goodness!

What you need for Strawberry and Blueberry Shortcake:

For the Shortbread:

Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix
 - Drop Biscuit Recipe  (I doubled the batch)
 - 1/2 C. Butter or Shortening
 - 2/3 C. of Milk and 2 TBSP. of Milk

For the Topping:

- 2 lb. Strawberries
- Blueberries
- 3-4 Tbsps. of Sugar

For the Yumminess:

- Vanilla Ice Cream
- Cool Whip

First of all, if you don't have Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix in your pantry - you need to have it! We love the flavor of her pancakes, but you can have this mixture on hand for pancakes, biscuits, banana nut bread, crepes, etc.

Drop Biscuits/Shortbread cooling!

As you can see above, the drop biscuits are FABULOUS! They are soft, a little bit of sweet, and have a crisp outside so they don't get soggy, but yet softens from the ice cream and strawberry/blueberry topping.
Topping is Ready!

Now for the Strawberry and Blueberry topping! I know some people, like my mom, like to add milk to their strawberry mixture, but it's really not something that I personally like. I simply start mashing up strawberries, leaving a good amount of chunk pieces because I don't want mush - I want actual pieces of strawberries and add about 2 tsp. of sugar. Then I add blueberries to the mixture. There you have it - topping is ready!

Now all you need is vanilla ice cream and cool whip and start the layering! Shortbread, ice cream, strawberry/blueberry topping, a dollop of cool whip and enjoy!

A delicious refreshing summer treat for everyone! Dig in! :)

Happy 4th of July! 

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  1. This looks quite tasty! My kids would love it!
    I actually just started my gluten free blog a few months ago and would love for you to check it...lots of easy, delicious gluten free treats, from one celiac family to another!