Monday, October 22, 2012

Gluten-Free Worry-Free Halloween

Jack at 14 months old
How fast they grow!

Halloween is just 9 days away!! The kiddos have their costumes picked out and they keep asking, "When's Halloween?" So we are ready for the sugar rush! 

The question is, are you? Are you prepared to have a gluten-free, worry-free Halloween?

Well, let me help you by sharing these 5 Tips that will make things easier 
and more enjoyable for you and a your child.

5 TIPS FOR A GLUTEN-FREE                                           WORRY-FREE HALLOWEEN

1)  First and foremost, have a stash starting NOW with GF CANDY.  You want this on hand to replace any GLUTEN candies that your child may get from school parties, neighbors, etc. Click Here ----->>  GF CANDY LIST (updated 2017)

Jack, 3 yrs. old.
Cutest Rex ever!
2)  Check w/ your child's teacher about the Halloween party and if you can provide gluten-free cupcakes or treats for the class.  Also provide a list of GF candies for your child's teacher or in my son's case, they just eat special treats that I'm aware of at the Halloween party and bring home their trick or treat bag so I'm able to go through it and take out any gluten candies.

3)  Halloween Eve, let your children know that it's important for parents to check the candy when they get home from trick or treating. I remember when I was younger, my parents checking our candy. Watch out for homemade treats, generic treats - w/ no labeling - anything that seems suspicious, don't chance it. At this time, set aside any GLUTEN candies as well.

4)  Have your child trade any GLUTEN candies: ex. Cookies, Kit Kats, Twix, Pretzels, and whatever else there may be with the stash of GF candies you have set aside. I do find that the majority of candies in my son's Halloween bag are GF, but there's always the ones mentioned above that need to be traded.

5)  Lastly, have fun!! Don't focus on what your child CAN'T have but on what your child CAN have. Happy Gluten-Free Halloween! 


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