Friday, May 10, 2013

31 Ways To Raise Celiac Disease Awareness

MAY is Celiac Disease Awareness Month as most of you already know. I'm so sorry for the delay on this post! I've been vacationing in Florida with the family and we've been getting some much needed Vitamin D!

Here's 31 ways for each day in May and all year long to raise celiac disease awareness!

   1 - Wear Green - underwear, shirts, shorts, bras - whatever - it's the color for                     awareness!

  2 - Make up a song...goes a little something like this, "Hey, I just met you and this is         crazy, but celiac disease is not an allergy baby!"

  3 - Share resourceful information like NFCA's "Fuel the Family" Campaign with                 others.

  4 - Find a friend with a plane and have a banner fly behind it saying, "Celiac                      Disease? Get Tested!"

  5 - Start or join a celiac walk in your area and raise funds for the Center for Celiac  
       Research -  MakingTracks for Celiacs

  6 - Color your hair green or get green highlights so you can explain it's for celiac disease awareness.

  7 - Buy products from companies who are donating a percentage of their proceeds to celiac research.

  8 - Pass out green apples to teachers with a note about celiac disease.

  9 - Make awareness bracelets and give them to your friends and family.

10 - Or RAP it, "Let's talk about celiac baby, let's talk about gluten and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be...let's talk about celiac, let's talk about celiac..."

 11 - Get a blood test, whether you've done it before or not - get another. Encourage family and friends to do so as well!

12 - Car Ribbons/Magnets

13 - To help better serve those with celiac disease while dining out, send a letter to area restaurants about NFCA's GREAT Gluten-Free Kitchens training.

14 - Make up ANOTHER song, "I just called to say get tested...I just called, to say how much I carrreeeeeeee, I doooo."

15 - Visit University of Chicago's Celiac Disease Center

16 - Share celiac disease information with a stranger - "Hi, I don't know you, but here's some info. about Celiac Disease."

17 - REPEAT #1 

18 - Limeade Stand - all donations go to celiac research! For example, our neighborhood, which is HUGE, is having it's garage sale this month - no better time than to bust out the Lemon stand

19 - Support these AWESOME Celiac Bloggers!

20 - Share this celiac disease symptoms checklist with your friends and family.

21 - Bake gluten-free cookies or brownies for your neighbors with a little note about celiac disease.

22 - Get friends and family to attend a FREE celiac disease screening.

23 - Have your child pass out gluten-free brownies on the last day of school with a note that  says, "Caring about my friends and letting them know about celiac disease. I have it and wanted to share some information with my friends' parents. Love, Jack"

24 - Check out NFCA's site on "Talking to You   Friends" about celiac disease.

25 - Encourage teachers at your child's school to send home a celiac disease information sheet.

26 - Have your toes or nails painted with a green awareness ribbon as an accent.

27 - REPEAT #16

28 - At least one more song, "There's just one life to live, and there's no time to wait, to waste, so let me give your heart break (get tested), please don't eat gluten (gluten), please get tested, yeah, yeah"

TATTOO and yes, it HURT!

29 - Raise awareness year round! Every month is celiac disease awareness month!

30 - REPEAT #29

31 - Get a TATTOO! I finally did it! It was something I've been wanting to do! Celiac disease awareness for life!

Raising awareness for celiac disease is MUST! Many people are still unaware of the disease, including medical professionals. Raising awareness is important for our children in this gluten filled world. Finding a CURE is what I hope for Jack and others.


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