Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GOPICNIC'S Gluten-Free ready-to-eat Meals GIVEAWAY!

Yep, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Exciting, I know!

Another giveaway for Celiac Awareness Month! If you're not sure what celiac disease is, please click HERE before you continue reading.

Now that you know what celiac disease is, onto the GIVEAWAY!

"No bigger than a hardcover novel, gopicnic boxed meals are easy to transport in a laptop bag, backpack, or handbag, and are meant to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime."

2 WINNERS will receive (2) gopicnic ready-to-eat meals

Inside each box, you'll find yummy individually wrapped gluten-free products! 

gopicnic offers 9 GLUTEN-FREE Ready-to-Eat Meals - click on the meals below and find out what's inside- what a fun, gluten-free way to eat on the go! 
I love gopicnic ready-to-eat meals for many reasons:

1 - Grab and go! No preparation required.
2 - It's something special for Jack to take along to school, over to a friend's house,               or on a trip, etc.
3 - No refrigeration required
4 - Healthier option - no high fructose syrup, no MSG, no artificial flavors or colors
5 - Individual wrapped packets inside - not done eating, save for a snack later
6 - And conveniently located at Target - SCORE! :)

Once in a while, it's nice to have a little break from packing gluten-free snacks/lunches or thinking, "Ok, what should I pack for Jack?"...instead I just grab one of these ready-to-eat meals and we're out the door! :)

SOOOO...what do you think? Ready to try one? Or if you've tried them, are you ready to ENTER TO WIN a gopicnic ready-to-eat meal?!

2 LUCKY WINNERS will receive TWO (2) gopicnic ready-to-eat meals!

Giveaway has ended.

The winners are: Renata S. and Phoebe H. - I will be contacting you by email for your mailing address! Congrats! And thank u to all who entered! 

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  1. I've heard of these recently but I've never tried them. I haven't even seen them in any of my local stores yet.

  2. I just learned about these, someone told me our local Target has them, I am headed there tomorrow to check them out!

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  4. We did find them in the Airport in Denver, we grabbed some for emergency purposes, but haven't had them yet. They look great.

  5. These would be perfect for a snack or even to take with me just in case I cannot eat somewhere. I really like that they do not need to be heated or refrigerated...makes it so much easier!

  6. Great idea for on-the-go snacking when you aren't sure you'll find GF foods.

  7. GoPicnic sounds scrumptious and so convenient for travel! I would love to try the Turkey Pepperoni & Cheese meal.

  8. Great idea for road trips! I can't wait to try them and thank you for this chance to win!

  9. I took a couple when I went on a cruise last summer and I regretted not taking more! Would love to try the other flavors!

  10. I have not tried Go Picnic. From everything I have read I would like to. Sounds good.

  11. I have not tried GoPicnic yet any the Turkey Pepperoni and Hummus meal would be tasty. Thanks!

  12. I've never tried them but they sound good to me—thanks for the opportunity to win!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  13. I've never tried these, but the black bean dip with plantain chips sounds soooo good

  14. I haven't tried the brand before but I'm running out of ideas what to eat since I've become gluten-free a few months ago. :(

  15. I haven't tried Go Picnic yet but would love to try the Kale/Plaintain Box!

  16. I have not tried GoPicnic brand as I have not seen it in stores around my area. The Plantain sounds amazing. I love what this company is doing by making gluten free so easy and diverse.

  17. I have heard of them but never tried them before and hope to be able to try one soon. I am very interested in eating healthy and found it hard to eat certain foods but am interested in these as they are healthy.
    Thankyou for this giveaway.

  18. I love the Salami + Cheese ,and the Sunbutter + crackers

    thanks for the yummy giveaway!