Monday, June 10, 2013

Gluten-Free Phunky Dining Experience

If you ever have the chance to visit Nashville, TN and you're looking for a fun, gluten-free atmosphere - you'll have to stop by The Phunky Griddle!

Open for breakfast and lunch,  The Phunky Griddle is located in the Berry Hill area of Nashville - a historic district with a park like setting and old houses that have been turned into businesses.

Settled in a little yellow house and visited by my country music stars,    The Pfunky Griddle is a unique dining experience to say the least and gives those with celiac disease a comforting feeling knowing they are dining in a gluten-free friendly atmosphere.
Gluten-free griddle over the table griddle.

Owner, Penelope Pfuntner (now you know where the name came from) converted the old house once a flower shop into a quaint cottage eatery.

When we arrived, we told the hostess that our son has a gluten-free diet and she said, "Is it for celiac?" and I said, "yes it is." She then grabbed a separate griddle to take to our table. All the tables have built in griddles for you to make your own breakfast. From eggs, pancakes and potatoes - you are the chef! They also have an "Off The Griddle" menu that looks delish! I definitely plan to go back for some yummy looking lunch sandwiches.
Jack's ready to eat!


Gluten-Free Pancakes and Mashed Hash browns!
We ordered gluten-free pancake batter, hash browns, sausage and bacon. They cook the sausage and bacon back in the kitchen and bring that out ready to eat, but we got to make our own pancakes and hash browns...I don't know why we didn't get eggs?? We were on a mission to eat gluten-free pancakes I guess. 
Two of his favorites: GF Pancakes
and Strawberries!


It was SO MUCH FUN! To be able to take Jack to a restaurant and eat gluten-free pancakes made me sooo happy and of course made Jack happy too!

We will go back for sure and spend a little more time in the Berry Hill area, for some shopping and fun new places to visit. 


  1. SO EXCITED! We are visiting family in Nashville in 2 weeks! We now know where we are having breakfast Saturday morning! Thanks for the info!

  2. I visited Nachville back about some 3 months ago. I happened to stop by the funky criddle. It was a great place for breakfast with best food. Your pancakes look in great shape. Good job.