Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Jack!

Just a few weeks old!

You turned 6 yrs. old yesterday...

While you're busy playing with your new Giant Skylanders, I'm busy reminiscing...

Watching you grow, play and explore has been an adventure!

Almost 3 yrs old - swimming in Florida!

I can't believe in just a few days you 
will be off to Kindergarten. I'm going to miss seeing your sweet face all day!

BUT, I know you are ready to go to Kindergarten - meet new friends and fill your brain with knowledge!

4 yrs. old - Halloween 2011

You're one of the funniest, sweetest, cutest 6 year olds I know!

You make me laugh all the time and you're super sweet to your little brother...

Now if we could just work on you and your sister getting along better...

Cupcakes after a long day of celebrating! 
Fly high son, fly high!

I hope you had a fabulous birthday playing with your new Wii Skylanders and going to Circus World to play lazer tag, bungee jump on the trampoline and ride in the spin zone with your friend Jeffrey (and your big sis too). 

I hope you know how much I love you...just in case you're not sure, I love you more than all the stars, cars, trees and seas!!  
Happy Birthday Jackie!
Love always, Your Momma


  1. Happy 6th birthday Jack! You are so lucky that your mom has arranged this much for your 6th birthday. Totally in love with the idea of showing up pictures from Jack's birth till latest one!

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