Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gluten-Free and being on a Team

GOOOO GRASSHOPPERS!  Jack's playing fall baseball and lovin' it! He loves playing catcher and being a part of his team.  He's improving his game more and more each game and having fun with his teammates.

After each game the boys get a drink and snack that a parent has brought for the team. We've seen Cheez-its, yogurt, fruit snacks, rice krispie treats, etc.

Jack is so used to not being able to have the same snack as his friends/teammates that he handles it very well! We usually bring another GF snack or go for some ice cream after the game.

If you think about it, there are quite a few GLUTEN-FREE snacks that the WHOLE team can enjoy TOGETHER!

Jack's teammates don't know about his gluten-free lifestyle...I didn't feel the need to announce it since Jack handles the snack issue so well.

But, I think it would be pretty cool to say to Jack after the game, "Hey buddy, you can have that snack." I think his smile would say it all...sometimes, it just feels good to be able to eat what your friends are eating, right?

I don't expect parents to buy gluten-free snacks, but just in case they were curious which snacks are gltuen-free, here's a quick list of GF snacks that are readily available at their local grocery store.


So here's to the Grasshoppers, being a team and enjoying some gluten-free snacks!!


The Grasshoppers playing under a rainbow...a little rain never hurts...

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