Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raising Jack Sponsor - PAMELA'S PRODUCTS

Raising Jack with Celiac
is honored to have 
Pamela's Products 
as our official 1st sponsor!

I'm so excited to have Pamela's Products as a sponsor for Raising Jack! Pamela's Products was one of the first gluten-free products I was introduced to 4 years ago after Jack's diagnosis and I felt a sense of relief - like we were going to make it on this gluten-free journey! From pancakes, cupcakes, cookies and more, Pamela has created delicious gluten-free products and mixes for the past 25 years!

Pamela started Pamela's Products back in 1988 - can you believe the knowledge this woman must have of gluten-free baking?! And it didn't start there. Pamela's grandparents started one of the first health food stores (and bakery) in San Francisco. So growing up, Pamela was familiar with the different dietary needs of her grandparents clientele and she suggested to make the wheat-free and gluten-free cookies taste better, but she was told, "that the allergy people were fine and happy to have something."

Me and Pameala - GFAF EXPO CHICAGO - 2011     
Pamela knew she had to make a change and so she did! In 1988 after finishing college, Pamela left the family business and started her own company founded on the premise that wheat-free and gluten-free can taste great and that everyone should have food delicious enough to celebrate.

I've blogged about many of Pamela's baking mixes, below are just a handful of some of my favorite posts. For more blog posts about Pamela's Products, enter "Pamela's Products" in the search box at the top right corner of Raising Jack and see what else you can make with her fabulous baking mixes!

Make sure to stop by Pamela's Products website for "How To" videos for great tips on baking, TONS of great recipes and all her fabulous gluten-free mixes and goodies!

Thanks to Pamela's hard work and dedication, she has made my job in the kitchen a lot easier! Knowing her products are there for our family has really helped us along our gluten-free journey.

Thank you Pamela!! Here's to another 25 years!!