Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Helping Daddy Make Gluten-Free Lunches

Since my husband, Jeff's celiac diagnosis this past fall, he's been doing great adjusting to the gluten-free diet. But, one of biggest challenges he had, was changing his lunch habits. With his demanding job, it seemed like the best option to run out and grab something quick, like fast food.

Now, that option has changed, and thankfully it has. If Jeff wasn't diagnosed with celiac disease, I'm not sure if this unhealthy habit would have changed. Blessing in disguise? Maybe. I wouldn't wish celiac disease on anyone, but skipping fast food and choosing healthy options will benefit him greatly.

So, my husband's never been a big fan of salads, but one day, he did go to Subway and get a salad. And he said, "It was really good, and really think it was all the toppings I had on it." Meaning, banana peppers.

When my husband came home from the grocery store this past weekend, he had everything (banana peppers) he needed to make salads. He said, "I want to prepare salads for the whole week, so I can just grab it the morning and go. I think the kids would like to help me make them."
What a great idea! He was right, they did want to help.

Making an assembly line, having all the toppings ready to go, the kids were pumped and ready to help Daddy. 

Besides all the delicious veggies for toppings, here are some gluten-free toppings with a crunch, that can replace croutons:

- Tortilla Chips
- Variety of Nuts
- Sunflower Seeds
- Chickpeas

I hope my husband enjoys his salads and we can continue getting creative preparing his lunches on a weekly basis together, as a family!

What do you like on your salads? Banana peppers? :)

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  1. Do they salads stay fresh and crisp all week? Seems like the lettuce might get brown or wilty and the cut toppings might get a little slimy. No insult intended. I notice that when I cut peppers and other veggies for the week, they get a little less than appetizing.