Friday, May 23, 2014

A Kindergartner's Perspective on Silleac (Celiac) Disease

So this must be the piece Jack's teacher was referring to when she gave Jack the "Rainbow Writer" Award. 

Jack wants to be a Blogger and write about "Silleac" disease. Not a builder like his Daddy, but a BLOGGER (Advocate/Writer if you will, just sounds better, right?), like his Momma. ;)

It's very interesting to read Jack's perspective on "silleac" disease. As you can see, he says, "it's safe" "it's fun" - I'm not sure if he means, "I wish I made it."  Jack doesn't thoroughly understand "silleac" disease, (autoimmune, villi, gluten...are kinda of confusing words), but understands, that he has to eat gluten-free because gluten hurts his belly and it will make him sick. As he's getting older and showing more interest like this, I hope to explain celiac disease more in depth.

When Jack wrote, "git a shot", he is referring to getting tested for celiac disease. I'm proud of you Jack, look at you being an advocate for Celiac Awareness Month!

This is was one of those moments as a parent where I felt, "wow, I'm doing something right." Being that Jack was so young when diagnosed with celiac disease, of course, he didn't talk about having celiac at 2 yrs. old, 3, 4 or even 5.  So seeing him write about it, is really indescribable, I don't know how I feel...not surprised, but just WOW - like, WOW. It's just cool to see I guess. Just WOW...see, I don't know how to explain it...

Jack re-created our family room. That's me (or I guess Jack),
sitting on the couch w/ my/his computer, our colorful rug,
table and lamp, chair and tv...blogging.
Okay, I really need an office now...

Blogging is something I do to help others and I'm happy that Jack sees that. What I see from Jack writing this, is that he's embracing his celiac disease. That's all I can hope for. There will be ups and downs for sure, but for now, my Kindergartner is a HAPPY, HEALTHY, ADVOCATING, GLUTEN-FREE BOY!

I love you, Jack. And stop growing up so fast! Geez. 


  1. You are raising a great little guy!

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