Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease

This May, I'm dedicating Celiac Awareness Month to the Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease. There are many children like Jack, who have been (thankfully) diagnosed, but they all have a different story to share.
I've been collecting stories of children with celiac disease in hopes to show that NOT every child has the same symptoms.  Reading these stories, I was shocked to see that many did not have the same symptoms as Jack.

Meet the Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease (pictures included):

Grace                     River                  Kaydee       
Rebecca                Keira                   Sage
Caleb                     Liam                   Emily/Allison
Sarah                     Elise                   Samantha
Ashley                   Sarah                  Liam
Aydia                     Lauren                Thomas
Bailey                    Jessica               Amelia
Steven                   Ryan                   Fina
Cyrus                    Ashlee                 Cole/Ella
Chris                      Ruby                   Lexie
Taylor                    Miles                   Jacob
Adalyn                  Virginia                Nate
Hadley                   Brian                   Toby
Kendra                  Dylan                   Adeline
Valencia                Andrew                Claire
Nolan                    Peyton                  Trevor
Weston                  Jayda                   Ashton

Thank you Sweet Faces for sharing your story with others.  Stay positive, keep smiling and remember, you're not alone on this journey, there's other kiddos just like you!

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