Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease

This May, I'm dedicating Celiac Awareness Month to the children who have been diagnosed with celiac disease.  There are many children like Jack, who have been (thankfully) diagnosed.

Unfortunately, many children go to the doctor numerous times before being accurately diagnosed with celiac disease and suffer with tummy aches, vomiting, weight loss and many other symptoms.

I've been collecting stories of children with celiac disease in hopes to show that not every child has the same symptoms.  Reading these stories, I was shocked to see that many did not have the same symptoms as Jack.

Meet the Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease:

Liam       Aydia       Kaydee      Sarah       Ashley      

Sage      Steven        River        Cyrus     Sarah      Elise     Bailey  
Grace    Caleb          Lauren      Keira

Here's to the SWEET FACES OF OF CELIAC DISEASE.  Stay positive, keep smiling and remember, you're not alone on this journey, there's other kiddos just like you!

Have you shared your child's story? If not, please click below and answer just a few questions.  Before posting your child's story, I will contact you for his/her photo. No last names are used in the story. 

Click below:

Share Your Child's Celiac Story

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