Monday, June 2, 2014

Gluten-Free Summer Goodies GIVEAWAY!

Don't worry, I got you covered!! Is your gluten-free child heading off to Grammie's house or camp this summer? Wondering what gluten-free goodies to pack for them??

Celiac Awareness Month has come to end and I want to celebrate our gluten-free kiddos and their stories they have shared, by having a "Summer Gluten-Free Goodies" GIVEAWAY!! 

Looking at the picture below, you'll see, I got your kiddo covered or you for that matter, for a weekend at Grammie's, camp, trip to an amusement park or whereever your child or family may go!!

I wish I could give every gluten-free child one of these prize packs, but my stay at home mom budget and shipping costs won't allow me to do so.  If anything, I hope this gives you an idea of some products to put together for a fun, stress-free, gluten-free getaway.

BUT, how about 3 WINNERS?! YES, 3 WINNERS will receive ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS!! 

A little more about these fabulous GLUTEN-FREE products:

  • Pamela's Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies - these taste just like CHIPS AHOY cookies, but they're better, because they're GLUTEN-FREE!
  • Pamela's Individual Pancake Packs - makes up to 4 pancakes
  • Pamela's Inidividual MICROWAVEABLE Brownie Mix - ready in a minute! 
  • Glutino's Pretzel Chips - I actually prefer these over the pretzel sticks - perfect for dipping or just chomping on - love 'em!
  • Annie's Microwaveable Mac N Cheese cups - my husband actually enjoys these!
  • Annie's Chocolate Chip Granola Bars - Jack LOVES these!
  • Smarties Candy - you'll receive way more than what I show in the picture above, Smarties is sending me more candies to share with you!! Not only is Smarties gluten-free, but food allergen friendly too! Love their gluten-free page!
  • Lastly, 16 "GLUTEN FREE" Stickers to put on anything that needs to be marked as so.

Remember, 3 WINNERS will be RANDOMLY chosen (Rafflecopter uses to pick 3 winners for me) to WIN ALL of these products!

Good Luck! Just click below, follow, subscribe (free) - BAM! You're entered, that's it! :)

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  1. Keira loves Smarties, Pamela's brownies, the granola bars, and back when she ate dairy she loved that mac n' cheese! My other GF kids (who aren't DF) also love the mac n' cheese.

  2. Yay! My GF daughter could really use this!

  3. Thanks Jack's Mom! I appreciate very much the Celiac stories that readers and you shared. They were quite interesting. The more we learn, and TEACH, about the symptoms of Celiac the more people who have Celiac will benefit. My son's Celiac took way to many years to discover. He is ever so much healthier now thanks to his eating gluten free. Again, your caring about helping people learn about Celiac is greatly appreciated.

  4. My grandson would love everyone of the products in your Giveaway!

  5. My son was just diagnosed as celiac on monday. I hope to use your site as a good reference. Thanks!