Monday, June 16, 2014

What To Bring To a "Gluten" Birthday Party

Pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, candy,, cupcakes, ice cream, candy, cookies...OH MY! Yep, with a child with food restrictions, parties can sometimes be more stressful than fun. BUT, I am here to tell you that you can make it FUN!

It occured to me, I haven't done a blog post that focuses on "what to bring to a party", but I've done blog posts on gluten-free parties. So I thought I would be a good idea to write about what one should bring to a "Gluten" birthday party!

So, this past weekend, I had to prepare for Jack to attend his friend's birthday party. They had pizza, cake and ice cream at the party, so I knew I had to pack up some GF goodies for Jack bring along.  Jack was riding with the family to the venue, so I would not be there with him to monitor the food situation. So needless to say,  I was a little nervous already, plus with him driving with the family to downtown Nashville for the first time without me, then to a 3-level laser tag facility (insert panick eeekk!)! But, Jack was excited and I talked with his friend's mother and she assured me he was in good hands. So, it was my turn to get his goodies packed up and ready to go!

Packing these goodies up for Jack, gives me a sense of comfort knowing that he has everything he needs in his lunch bag to make for a FUN gluten-free party!

5 Must Haves When attending a "Gluten" Bday party:

  1. GF Frozen Cupcake - I have frozen chocolate cupcakes in our freezer. I take a cupcake out about 30 minutes before the party. After 15 minutes, I top with frosting.
  2. Cupake 2 Go Container - I LOVE this container. You can find individual cupcake holders on Amazon, disposable ones or ones like the one I have.
  3. GF Pizza Crust and Toppings - prepare gluten-free pizza as normal. Use whatever frozen GF pizza you prefer. I then put 2 to 3 small slices in a plastic container.
  4. GF Candy or Snack - Another GF treat that your child loves! 
  5. Lunch Bag to carry all the goodies!
Other Tips: 

I always ask the hostess what their menu plans are so I can plan accordingly. I make sure the hostess also knows about Jack's gluten-free lifestyle and that I've provided everything Jack needs for the party. I want the hostess to feel comfortable and not worry about leaving Jack out or not offering him pizza or cake.

Jack's gluten-free bag all ready for the party! Pizza, cupcake, Fritos and Smarties


  1. Love it! We BYOC too (bring your own cupcake)

  2. I always bring food for me and the kids, and let the hostess know ahead of time. Same goes for school parties, church parties etc. I've had one friend thank me profusely for taking care of that and not making her feel like she had to cater to our needs.

  3. I have a mixed gluten/gluten free household, so I try to keep my GF utensils, containers, bakeware etc all with the color red on them. Every time I go to the dollar store I look for suitable red items. I found single cupcake/muffin holders there, white with a red top. I've also gotten things like a strainer, spatulas, slotted spoons, sandwich containers, etc all in red. Nice to find things that work and are cute and cheap too!