Monday, June 1, 2015

Crafted Gluten-Free Boxes - 50% off & GIVEAWAY!

At the Celiac Disease Foundation expo earlier this month, I had an opportunity to meet the family behind Crafted Gluten-Free. I enjoyed talking with Erin, her husband and daughter about their unique gluten-free monthly subscription boxes. Crafted Gluten-Free is different from the other gluten-free box companies because their subscription and specialty boxes feature more than just a random assortment of snacks—they include more substantial mouthwatering meal items and complementary items of condiments and seasonings as well. Most of their boxes contain 8-12 full-sized items, making them value-priced. And when you love something you try, you can easily purchase the individual item on their website.

I was excited to receive a box from them and share all the yummy gluten-free goodies inside with the kiddos. I received the "Kid's" Monthly Subscription - which is obviously geared towards your child's taste buds.

More gluten-free goodies underneath this top layer of goods!

Crafted Gluten-Free offers 2 Monthly subscription boxes, your choice between the regular "Monthly" or "Kid's" Monthly box. They also offer "Themed" Gift boxes which are AWESOME!! They cover everything from the Kid's Overnight Party Box, Ultimate Cookie Box and the Summer BBQ Box, just to name a few!

Here are just a couple of the items from the Kid's Subscription box I received:

Edison's Quinoa Pasta and Cheese - this was DELICIOUS! My husband and kiddos APPROVED!

Bumbalooza's Gooey Oatmeal Bar Mix with Fat Toad Farm's Caramel - gooey YUMMINESS!


Crafted Gluten-Free is offering Raising Jack readers 50% off on any subscription using Promo Code: Crafted50  

The promo code will take 50% off the first month of either the adult or kid's subscription. The subscriptions are $59 month to month (automatic billing- cancel anytime), and 3, 6 &12 months each increasingly discounted based on length of commitment. The code takes $29.50 off any order for a subscription be it month to month or 3, 6 or 12 months.

Link to Crafted Gluten-Free below...but FIRST, enter the GIVEAWAY!! :)

The Giveaway is for a (1 time) Monthly subscription box, which will include:

TWO family dinners: Make a pot of hearty award-winning white bean chili that pairs great with the crunchy Vermont cheddar crisps or make THE best crowd pleasing mac n' cheese (add some savory artisanal truffle salt and say hello truffle mac n' cheese!). Dig into snacks like our highly addictive Chicago mix popcorn or our premium quality steak jerky that will satisfy every palate. Recharge with our peach ginger or macadamia chocolate chip energy bars that are super tasty and healthy.

Thank you for entering!! Below, when entering giveaway, it says "Visit", but if you haven't "Liked" Raising Jack or Crafted Gluten-Free, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

GOOD LUCK and check out Crafted Gluten-Free Subscription Boxes and use code --> HERE

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  1. The macaroni looks amazing!

    - Judith

  2. It all looks so good! I would have to say though that caramel looks quite delicious <3

  3. I think I would like the kid's box. I mean if it's geared for kid's everything has to taste good!

  4. Would love to have foccacia bread delivered!

  5. Mmmm, Carmel looks yummy! Would make delicious turtle sundaes, I am sure.

  6. The peach ginger bar sounds amazing, especially with hot weather on the way!

  7. I love that these are geared toward younger tastebuds. I am fairly convinced my 13 year old son has celiac (as do I and my mother) though he has had a negative blood test (as did I plus a negative biopsy in the six years it took me to get diagnosed). I'm trying to convince him to give GF a try but he doesn't want to unless a doctor says he has to--maybe some yummies like this would convince him!

  8. I would love anything gluten-free! I'm not picky.

  9. It all looks amazing. I think the kiddos would be most excited to see the white cheddar popcorn show up on the doorstep...I would say the caramel :)

  10. I'd love to see treats that are also dairy free.

  11. I have always wanted to try these boxes, every month I teeter on ordering. I would love to win one to see it in person, they look so amazing! With 5 people in our home all GF I am always looking to try new things as you can imagine with 5 people we all have different likes and dislikes.

  12. I've been trying to find decent boxes and have had not much for luck so far. These look really good and I would love to try them.

  13. I'd love those chewy chocolate chip bars, I wager. Lively giveaway! ^_^