Friday, October 23, 2015

Jack's Homecoming to Indianapolis for the GFFAFEST

"Hey Jack, so I'm going to the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest in Indianapolis, do you want to go with me this time?" Jack: "Can I eat food there, or try stuff?" Me: "You can eat all the food you want - especially pizza and cookies!!" Jack: (with big eyes) "YES! I really want to go."

So my sweet boy and I will be taking a road trip up north to Indianapolis for the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest the weekend! I'm excited to have him attend his 1st BIG gluten-free event, where he gets to eat WHATEVER he wants!

Jack will have his own name badge as well and will sit with me at the blogger's booth for a couple of hours. HOW FUN! So make sure to stop by and say "Hi" if you see us there - we will be walking around most of the time with our Raising Jack T-shirts on - so don't hesitate to tap me on the shoulder. :)

Indianapolis holds a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons. 1) It's my hometown and 2) Jack was also diagnosed with celiac disease there.

I've waited to take Jack to one of these GF events because I really wanted him to be old enough to understand it. And also, he is not as shy as he used to be. A couple of years ago, he would have hid behind my legs if anyone came up to him or asked him questions.

I want to show Jack what I do when I go to these events, introduce him to some of my favorite gluten-free friends and most importantly, take him to an event where everyone there is like him. They understand what it's like to eat different.

Jack is now 8 years old and still doesn't truly understand his disease...I mean, understanding why your body would attack itself doesn't make sense to me, let alone an 8 year old!

But going to this event, it will give Jack some insight to what I do to help others, as well as seeing the impact of the gluten-free industry and products that are readily available for him to eat and help him along his gluten-free journey.

I'm excited to have this special time with Jack and I hope he enjoys it as much as I do.

We'll make sure to tell you all about it! Stay tuned and I hope to see a lot of you in INDY! Here's more info. on the GFFAFEST. Travel safe and come hungry!

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