Monday, October 3, 2016

200th Blog Post - Thank YOU...

In 2011, I decided to give it a try. I started a blog. I wanted a place where other parents of children with celiac disease could visit and feel as though someone else knew what they were going through, understood the challenges and at the same time, felt a sense of relief knowing that their child was finally diagnosed and would start living a happy, healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

Now, here I am, 5 years later, writing my 200th blog post! 
And, I couldn't have done it without YOU!

On this journey, I have received the kindest messages from so many of YOU.
Thank YOU so much for YOUR SUPPORT and I'm so happy YOU have found Raising Jack with Celiac helpful and inspiring - here's just a few messages that have encouraged me to continue writing about our journey:

Thank YOU so much for your kind words. 
They mean more than YOU know!

Looking over the past 5 years, I gathered the most popular Raising Jack blog posts and broke them down into 4 categories: Recipes, Living with CD, EXPOS and Conferences and Sponsored/Giveaways:

First up, I have some gluten-free recipes. I have to say, I'm more of a cook than a baker. BUT, I had to learn how to bake gluten-free for my sweet boy and husband and I'm happy to have awesome brands that make delicious gluten-free baking mixes.

Most Popular Recipe Posts:

Gluten-Free Fall Party - Dishes and Treats

Italian Beef Sandwiches

Strawberry Shortcake

Banana Bread

Chicken Noodle Soup

Baked Spaghetti

This is the whole reason I started Raising Jack with Celiac - to share our everyday life of living with celiac disease. How to communicate with school staff, what to bring to parties, packing lunches and sharing stories of children living with celiac disease.

Most Popular "Living with CD" Posts:

Gluten-Free Lunch Tips and Menu Ideas

Dear Teacher, Jack Has Celiac Disease - Letter & 504 plan

Getting Children Screened For Celiac Disease (+Red Flags)

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease: Meet Thomas

What to Bring to a "Gluten" Birthday Party

Snacks and Quick Dinners for your Athlete

Jack's Dad Has Celiac Disease Too

Over the past 5 years, I've been blessed to work with some wonderful brands, like Pamela'sSAN-J, Beanfields, Enjoy Life Foods, Canyon Bakehouse and ALDI. Working with with these gluten-free brands allows me to provide giveaways and new product reviews for you, as well as pay for shipping costs, editing tools, Rafflecopter (giveaway website).  Working from home and utilizing my journalism/advertising degree is truly a blessing! The Lord had a plan...I didn't think I would do anything with my degree, but little did I know, He had BIGGER plans! Below are some of my favorite sponsored/giveaway blog posts.

Most Popular "Giveaway and/or Sponsored" Posts:

Jack's Gluten-Free Backpack Giveaway

ALDI LiveGfree Giveaway

Gluten-Free Dips with Beanfields Chips

Pamela's Easter Sugar Cookie Giveaway

Pamela's Simple Bites "Simple Tips to Living Gluten-Free"

I LOVE attending gluten-free expos and conferences!! It's a wonderful opportunity to meet others in the gluten-free/celiac community and talk with gluten-free brands. I have met numerous people through my conference trips and I hope to continue doing it! I try to attend 3-4 a year. I will be heading to Denver next month for the 4th annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference! I LOVE this conference and highly recommend it.

Most Popular Conference/Expo Posts:

1st GF EVER! GFAF Expo in Chicago - 2011

1st FABlogCon (Food Allergy Bloggers Conference) in Vegas - 2013

1st CDF (Celiac Disease Foundation) Expo/Conference in California - 2014

Jack's 1st GF Expo! GFFAFEST (Gluten-Free & More's Magazine's Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest) - Indianapolis, IN

GFFAFEST in Austin, TX in 2015

WOW, so much in 5 1/2 years of blogging! What a blessing it has been and I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing more with you!

As a THANK YOU, I would LOVE to send you some GF stickers that you can use to put on GF snacks for you or your child for school or work, or going to a birthday party or friend's house, use these stickers to mark your goodies, GLUTEN-FREE and HANDS OFF. ;) You know, that would be a good sticker too, HANDS OFF. Just drop me an email at - Subject: GF stickers and email me your mailing address and I will send them to you this month!

Here's to the next 200...


  1. I love reading your experiences and how you have turned something difficult into something we can cope with. And then be thankful that CD can be controlled by diet. I love your recipes.

  2. Thank you for sharing your family's journey with celiac disease. You have helped me and countless others for sure. Keep up the good work!