Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Turkey Wraps with ALDI

It’s time for a change. Instead of a turkey sandwich this holiday season, how about a turkey wrap? A gluten-free turkey wrap that is!

There are quite a few gluten-free wraps available on the market today, but one that comes to mind received 2nd place in the 2016 Gluten-Free Buyer’s Guide this year! 

ALDI liveGfree Plain WrapsCongratulations! 

Like many others, we are fans of these wraps as well. They are soft, durable, workable, rollable and eatable!   

In honor of ALDI liveGfree’s 2nd place recognition, I wanted to come up with a holiday recipe that you can enjoy making for yourself or for your gluten-free loved ones. Sometimes we associate wraps with summer, but I think you’ll enjoy this holiday recipe just as well.

Holiday Turkey Wraps with ALDI

1 package of liveGfree Wraps
Kirkwood Turkey (or Chicken/Ham)
Happy Farms Cream Cheese 
1/4 C. Southern Grove Chopped Pecans
1/4 C. of Cranberry Sauce 
Spinach Leaves
Shredded Carrots
Diced Red Onion


Place wrap in microwave for 10 seconds to warm. I find they are a little easier to work with when warmed.

1.  Spread cream cheese on wrap.
2.  Add a spoonful (or two) of cranberry sauce and spread.
3.  Sprinkle crushed pecan bits.

4.  Layer spinach.
5.  Add turkey.
6.  Add shredded carrots.
7.  Finish with diced onion.
8.  Roll up your wrap, cut in half and ENJOY! 

When visiting your local ALDI grocery store, look for theliveGfree brand. Besides these amazing gluten-free wraps, you will also find gluten-free baking mixes, pretzels, pasta and bread to just to name a few.

Not only do they have gluten-free products to accommodate your gluten-free lifestyle, but they have an incredible produce section as well! Plus, canned goods, meat/poultry, frozen foods, toiletries and now, baby products! Same as other grocery stores, but with SAVINGS
                                                                                                                                          If you get a chance to make some wraps this holiday season, try ALDI liveGfree Plain Wraps and see why they were chosen 2nd place in this year’s Gluten-Free Buyer’s Guide. You’ll be happy you did.

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Happy Holidays!

**This is a sponsored blog post with ALDI. I have received compensation and/or product from them. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands that my family and I truly enjoy.


  1. I love the Aldi's GF wraps! They're perfect for loaded burritos.

  2. I haven't tried these, but they look great!

  3. I like to put yogurt and berries in them!! Usually I heat the wrap up a little bit first. Simple but yummy! Susan Blommer

  4. HI, no I haven't tried these. I hear good reviews.

  5. I love to put my husband's spanish rice inside of these and pan fry them. I also like to make scrambled eggs and studf it in the middle of one, fold it over and also pan fry it.

  6. Just a few...Burritos, Enchiladas, Breakfast Sandwiches...quick yummy Gluten-Free meals...every time! Love them!!

  7. I haven't tried them yet but I would love to!

  8. I haven't but they look really good!

  9. Love them as quesadillas, with pizza toppings inside or chicken, peppers, and onions.

  10. amy guillaume lindermanDecember 6, 2016 at 10:02 AM

    i have not tried these yet, but i would love to make a raspberry jam and sliced banana roll up for my kids lunch!

  11. Aldi's has such a great GF line & these can be used for so many sweet or savory meals... even can try making tortilla chips/strips for salads!

  12. these look delicious!!

  13. Yes, I use them to make quesadilla.

  14. I'm not sure if we have or not -- we LOVE that Aldi's has so many items under the LiveGFree brand and it's one of our go-to shopping places -- but if we haven't, we will now!

  15. I love Aldi's GF wraps! I always make chicken & ranch wraps or use them for my taco meal. Thanks!

  16. We have not tried these wraps but are anxious to! My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease so we are learning the ins and outs! :)

  17. I have tried for days to enter this giveaway. Entry info above never loads. Just keeps spinning. Leaving a comment in case this counts as entry. We LOVE Aldi and their GF wraps are a staple at our house. Thank you for the opportunity to win!