Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease: Meet Isobel

Isobel is 9 years old and was diagnosed with celiac disease at 
8 years old.

What symptoms was your child having before being diagnosed?

Stomach ache and failure to thrive.

Any other family members diagnosed with celiac disease?

Father is gluten intolerant, he has one gene and may be celiac, but he does not want to eat gluten for 3 months to be tested.

How has your child’s life changed since being diagnosed?

Initially it was crazy and I became a helicopter mom, and indignant on my daughter's behalf, especially at school parties, but we have settled into it now. My daughter was distraught at first, but soon came to see the positives of feeling better.

What advice would you offer a parent who’s child was just diagnosed with celiac disease?

It seems like a mountain in the beginning, but you get lots of advice from groups like this and you soon find your way. Definitely make an appointment with a dietician who knows all about celiac.

I'm so happy to hear Isobel is feeling better and understanding the importance of living gluten-free. Keep it up Isobel, you're going to do amazing things! Taking good care of yourself is so important, especially as a growing young girl. Continue looking on the positive side and have a wonderful summer!

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