Friday, July 7, 2017

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease: Meet Jersey

Jersey is 14 years old and was diagnosed last year with celiac disease.

What symptoms was your child having before being diagnosed?

Upset stomach and diarrhea every morning and at times after having ice cream or milk.

Any other family members diagnosed with celiac disease?


How has your child’s life changed since being diagnosed?

Jersey has been incredibly strong and mature about having celiac disease. She has handled going gluten free very well but sometimes gets tired of being asked about it.  Our biggest struggle has been finding places to eat out but we are getting there and can safely say we now have 4 great places to go!  We are super proud of Jersey and how awesome she has been through out this new journey!

What advice would you offer a parent who’s child was just diagnosed with celiac disease?

Don't panic! With time it will become easier and you will find many yummy foods that will not make you miss gluten!  Also, be there for your child and just listen to how they are feeling and what they need!  If they don't want to eat at a restaurant or somewhere else because they don't want to risk getting sick, then don't push it!  They know how they feel!

So awesome Jersey that you are doing so well! Keep it up girl! And when people ask about your gluten-free lifestyle, just take it as an opportunity to educate them. 

Yes Mom, with time, it will get so much easier! And like you said, being their for our children, that's really what's most important. 

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