Friday, August 18, 2017

Sweet Faces of Celiac Disease: Meet Nancy

Nancy is 9 years old and was diagnosed with celiac disease at 4 years old.

At what age was your child diagnosed with celiac disease?

4 years old

What symptoms was your child having before being diagnosed?

Nancy was severely constipated, grumpy, angry, bloated and short for her age.  She was also a lovely wee thing frustrated by feeling yuck.

Any other family members diagnosed with celiac disease?

2 out of 4 of Nancy's cousins can not have gluten and her sister can not have gluten.

How has your child’s life changed since being diagnosed?

Nancy is a lot happier and healthier although she still suffers from ongoing stomach issues. We are working on improving this for her.

What advice would you offer a parent who’s child was just diagnosed with celiac disease?

Stay positive.  Have a 'all for one and one for all' attitude within your home and support them by also going gluten free (if possible!). Read, read and read some more on coeliac and gut health.

Nancy, I'm so happy to see you smiling and feeling much better! And yes Mum, I love the "all for one and one for all" attitude! We are in this together, forever and forever. xo

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