Newly Diagnosed

***PLEASE consult your doctor and/or nutritionist.

Ask your doctor (He/she should actually tell you without asking, but...) about the next steps after being diagnosed. I'm here to support you and your family as I wanted a place for support when we first started out on our gluten-free journey years ago.

I know, it's very overwhelming at first, finding out that your child has to live a gluten-free lifestyle. But I am here to tell you, that you and your child will overcome the fear and embrace the gluten-free lifestyle!

Here are some helpful, straight forward links that can help you get started on your gluten-free journey!

FOLLOW RAISING JACK - on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

GLUTEN-FREE - What is gluten-free, foods to watch out for, foods that are safe...

504 PLAN/SAMPLE LETTERwhat you need for your child at school to keep them safe from gluten.

SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS - Making lunches for school - I got you covered!

FEEDING YOUR ATHLETE - Quick snacks and meals for your gluten-free athlete.

PARTIES - I know, tons of birthday parties + holidays. No worries, you got this.

GROCERY SHOPPING - Tips to gluten-free shopping.

RECIPES - here are some easy gluten-free recipes.

SNACKS/DESSERTS - There are a lot of options these days - no goldfish, but other options that will satisfy your gluten-free kiddo's tastebuds.

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